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David Drew Longevity is focused on extending the vibrant years of life by preventing early death. Twenty-five years ago, we developed a unique and highly effective, technology-based system of personalized health inspection and improvement that has been updated over time to incorporate evolving technology.

Performance data collected over those 25 years demonstrate that our program, LOOKtoLIVE, powerfully prevents most early deaths, thereby preserving years of life. As we continue to protect our patients’ prime years, we also seek to extend the lives of others by exemplifying the value of more broadly implementing sophisticated, proactive health monitoring in U.S. medical care.


Timothy Soncrant, M.D.
Founder and Chief Scientist of the David Drew Clinic

Timothy Soncrant, M.D., is the Founder and Chief Scientist of David Drew Longevity. An engineer, Internal Medicine specialist and Gerontologist, he was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Universities of Vermont and Michigan before beginning a research career at the National Institutes of Health, where he founded the National Institute on Aging’s clinical treatment program.

In 1996, Dr. Soncrant stepped away from his NIH laboratory to conduct a grand, real-world experiment – to find out whether health surveillance of apparently healthy individuals with modern technology improves longevity. His new laboratory, The David Drew Clinic, was named after his sons and became the development site for the LOOKtoLIVE program offered today. During those intervening many years of program design and improvement, David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE turned out to be much more effective that originally anticipated, adding 6 or more prime years to our patients’ lives.

Now, Dr. Soncrant is intimately involved in measuring and improving the performance of David Drew Longevity programs and in evaluating and implementing new medical tests and procedures as they become useful for keeping our participants healthy.


Kelvin Hao, M.D.
Clinical Director of David Drew Longevity

Kelvin Hao, M.D., an Internal Medicine specialist, joined David Drew in 2012 as its Clinical Director. He trained at Columbia University and practiced for several years in the Washington, DC, area before taking on his current role.

During his tenure at David Drew, Dr. Hao has been instrumental in the application of sophisticated medical technology in recurring health appraisals. As a result of his efforts, David Drew patients enjoy a seamless and efficient experience that meets the needs of their demanding lives.