How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

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additional prime years

LOOKtoLIVE works

Over the past 25 years, David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE program has extended the prime years of thousands of participants.

LOOKtoLIVE participants live longer … on average much longer. A recent and comprehensive review of the program’s performance since its inception found that, compared to age-matched Americans receiving usual health care, LOOKtoLIVE participants enjoyed additional prime years of life, the ones they expected to live. Those starting the program by age 50 gained at least 6 years, as a result of discoveries that prevented unnecessary early deaths.

Who are these people who are still alive?

They’re just average people who, through no fault of their own, developed an unexpected cancer of, say, the kidney, lung, bladder, liver or thyroid. And because a standard physical doesn’t screen effectively for these problems, they wouldn’t be around today if not for their participation in LOOKtoLIVE. Also alive are individuals found to have asymptomatic but critical artery blockages that would have shortly led to heart attack and stroke. And people with silent aneurysms in the brain, chest and abdomen. And those with defective heart valves.

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