How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

If you are
additional prime years

It’s all about the science

LOOKtoLIVE provides a giant leap toward avoiding the random and unpredictable medical events that shorten our lives. It is a powerful new systematic approach to life protection, adding an average of over 6 prime years of life.

Longevity starts earlier than you think. David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE protects your prime years and extends life by finding problems and risks early. It’s an extensive but easy to navigate program of ongoing health inspection and adjustment that identifies serious issues before symptoms make you aware of them, while they are correctable. And then our Longevity Specialists help you to correct them.

Half of Americans die before they have to

For example, if you’re 50, you have a life expectancy of 83 but … your odds of dying before you reach that goal are 50:50, leaving many prime years on the table. It’s comforting to hope that you’ll beat the odds because you believe that your health is above average (as 85% of Americans do). But that’s not how it works. Most early deaths occur in individuals who get regular physicals and follow a healthy lifestyle. Cancer is indiscriminate. If you don’t smoke, it’s just as likely to occur in you as in someone else. And early cardiovascular events are poorly predicted by typical measures of risk.

Most early deaths do not have to happen

Our 25-year track record shows that our LOOKtoLIVE program prevents most early deaths. How? Unlike regular or even higher-priced concierge and executive physicals that look for a small number of problems that can be easily and inexpensively found, LOOKtoLIVE seeks to find them all.

The program starts by understanding your vulnerabilities – genetic, occupational and lifestyle issues that increase your likelihood of particular health events. Then it casts an individualized, broad net of recurring inspection to identify and correct all early cancers, weakened or plaque-containing blood vessels, and other serious problems. In the process, it progressively develops and helps you to employ strategies to lessen your risk of early death.