How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

If you are
additional prime years

Who is LOOKtoLIVE for?

If you’re 35-75 and those 6 years are precious to you and those around you, LOOKtoLIVE is for you. It is the most effective way of extending your life, and in particular, preserving your prime years. Start before age 50 and add an average of 6 prime years to your life.

What are your other options? A healthy lifestyle (with optimal organic diet, regular extensive exercise, good sleep, seat belts, etc.) adds about 1.8 years. Boilerplate executive exams produce very limited benefit. Cellular longevity approaches, such as stem cells, telomere adjustments and supplements, aren’t effective yet. Complacency, hope, mythical invincibility, fear of finding a problem before it finds you … these get you nothing.

Your LOOKtoLIVE program

Early detection of underlying illnesses and risks is accomplished at periodic inspection sessions, called “Looks.” These sessions provide the basis of LOOKtoLIVE’s monitoring for cancer, cardiovascular disease and other serious problems. Each Look may incorporate multiple investigative modalities, including:

Interview and physical examination by your LOOKtoLIVE Longevity Specialist
Comprehensive blood testing for underlying problems
Evaluation of blood for cancer markers, including liquid biopsies
Genetic testing for cancer and heart disease susceptibility
Imaging of body organs
Non-invasive visualization of arterial plaque deposits
Muscle and bone composition assessments
Functional heart and lung testing

The frequency and composition of your Looks are individualized on the basis of what is known about you and your health status, and they change over time as you do. New participants will discuss their health status in a brief telephone conversation with a David Drew Longevity Specialist, so that the initial visit can be properly individualized. Most individuals undergo two Looks per year, of which one is a comprehensive, three hour session conducted at David Drew. Additional Looks usually are less involved and can often be accomplished at laboratory and other testing sites located near you.

Once the results of each Look are known, you and your Longevity Specialist will discuss your results, their implications, and recommended actions to be taken to improve your odds. These follow-up discussions can occur at David Drew, by videoconference, or by telephone. Detailed results and discussion summaries will be provided in durable form.

LOOKtoLIVE isn’t just for you

It’s also for your friends and loved ones who enrich your experience, share your memories and adventures with you, and who become more important to you as the years go by. Losing them is heartbreaking. Losing them unnecessarily is tragic. LOOKtoLIVE offers an ideal way to keep your clan intact for a mutually more vibrant future.

The time to LOOKtoLIVE longer is now

Procrastination gives early demise a foothold and costs us prime years. With serious threats to life, there are usually no do-overs, no mulligans. There’s a window of opportunity, often a brief one, when discovery triumphs and years are saved. If you’re like most, every day you try to find a few extra minutes – cutting corners, cheating sleep, driving a bit too fast. Imagine what you could accomplish with 6 more prime years.