How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

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additional prime years

Meet Gwen.

Gwen is a transaction specialist who enjoys family and travel. She joined David Drew almost 20 years ago at age 53, at the behest of her spouse who had recently completed his first LOOKtoLIVE session. At the time, she had a teenage son. She ate well, exercised daily, and took no medications. She and her physician believed her to be in excellent health.

Her initial David Drew evaluation revealed a 3 centimeter lesion in her left kidney. A CT scan showed it to be a solid structure with no apparent spread to other organs. Gwen had no symptoms and no risk factor for kidney cancer. Surgical removal of her left kidney revealed renal cell cancer contained within the kidney capsule. Ongoing periodic inspection over the past 20 years has found no recurrence of her cancer.

What would have happened to Gwen if her cancer had not been diagnosed early? The gray line in the graph shows the likelihood that Gwen would still be alive at various ages. Diagnosed and alive at age 53, her chance of surviving falls relatively quickly. Her odds of living another 10 years were less than 60%.

Gwen’s LOOKtoLIVE discovery put her on a much more favorable path, the graph’s blue line. Twenty years later, she remains alive and well, leading a vibrant life. Her David Drew participation has earned her an additional 16.1 years of prime life.

Finding and curing an imminently lethal medical condition such as cancer affords the biggest and most apparent extension of lifespan possible. The earlier in life such an event occurs, the greater the number of prime years rescued. Almost half of the years we leave on the table are lost to cancer. David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE program is the most sophisticated cancer detection system available, and is your best chance to beat the odds.

Gwen and her family are, of course, pleased that she joined David Drew when she did. They know that if she had waited even a year or two, she likely would not be with them today. Over the years, Gwen has remained exceedingly healthy. She manages mild bone density issues with diet and weight-bearing exercises and still takes no medication. Now in her seventies, she continues to enjoy work and travel and has no intention of slowing down in the foreseeable future.