How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

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additional prime years

This is Alexander.

Alex is a 50 year-old financial manager from Miami who recently joined David Drew because he wanted to be proactive about his health and to reap those 6 extra years he had heard about. He believes himself to be in above-average health. He’s a former college athlete who exercises regularly as his schedule permits. He follows a prudent diet except when on vacation, drinks alcohol socially and has not smoked cigarettes since high school. His life is often stressful, and he finds it difficult to make time for his career and for his wife and two teenage children.

Alex has had a physical every year or two at his health plan doctor’s office. He has been told that he is healthy, except for borderline high cholesterol, and he takes no medications. He has been scheduled for a colonoscopy later this year.

What would Alex’s future health look like if he hadn’t joined David Drew? Remember, he’s our average American 50 year-old man. Well, his life expectancy is 82 years of age. He has a 50:50 chance of reaching age 82. If he’s in the half that doesn’t make it, it is very likely that his life has been shortened by cancer, heart attack or stroke.

But Alex has decided to participate in David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE program. He will undergo a half-day, extensive evaluation annually at David Drew, as well as an interim blood test. His David Drew longevity physician will work with him to address potential risks. As a result, he is half as likely to die by 82, and is destined to live almost 8 additional prime years.

Here’s what Alex’s future looks like without David Drew. The gray line in the graph below shows the likelihood that Alex, the average 50 year-old American man, will be alive at various ages. Now at age 50 he is living. As time goes by, the chance that he will still be alive gradually declines. At age 82, his chance of being alive is 50%, and it continues to decline thereafter.

But Alex has chosen to LOOKtoLIVE, and so he’s on the blue trajectory. At every age, he is more likely to be alive. In fact, with LOOKtoLIVE he will be almost certainly alive at age 65, and his risk of dying by age 82 is less than half that of the non-David Drew Alex.

Alex’s odds of living longer are improved by LOOKtoLIVE, but how many additional years can he gain? The chart shows the number of years of Alex’s life that will have been saved by a given age. In that first year, age 50, Alex gains 0.2 years, or about 2.4 months. He accumulates additional years saved as he ages, so that by age 85 he has amassed about 8 additional years of life.

One of the most interesting features of this relationship is its linearity. Over a wide range of ages, LOOKtoLIVE improves survival by about the same amount each year. Alex begins accruing his survival advantage in the first year, and gets the same additional advantage each year thereafter. The sooner he joins LOOKtoLIVE, and the longer he participates, the more he improves his odds.

Alex and his family are pleased that he decided to join David Drew. He admits to a bit of trepidation as he undergoes medical inspections, wondering what may be found. But he’s aware that by looking regularly, it’s highly likely that a problem identified will be a problem solved, extending his prime years.