How many years can LOOKtoLIVE add to your life?

If you are
additional prime years
Here's How
Here's How
women average
6.1 more years
men add
7.9 years

Our patients live 6 years longer

Those who begin David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE program by age fifty live over 6 years longer than those receiving usual health care

You usually get only one chance

We all know someone who died in the prime of life, losing precious years they expected to enjoy. And although we strive for the promised glade, chances are that half of us won’t reach our life expectancy, leaving prime years on the table. Why? Cancer, heart attack and stroke cause almost all early deaths in American adults. Most of those problems develop randomly despite your best effort, so whether or not you live a healthy lifestyle and get standard health checkups, odds are that one of them will shorten your expected life.

Fortunately, you can boost your odds of living all of your prime years by finding and correcting your vulnerabilities and health threats early. Cancer and heart disease develop silently and curably over many years. But you have to look to find them. If you wait until symptoms signal a problem, it’s very often too late.

LOOKtoLIVE all of your prime years

Twenty-five years ago, researchers at David Drew Longevity recognized that deep and recurring investigation of your health, going far beyond the reach of traditional or even premier evaluations, is the most effective way to extend the prime years of your life. David Drew’s LOOKtoLIVE program provides a convenient, non-invasive and ongoing program that inspects your body like no other, using modern biochemistry, genetics and imaging. LOOKtoLIVE identifies concerns and provides solutions.

LOOKtoLIVE saves years of life. After 25 years and over 20,000 patient-years of experience, we know exactly how well it works. It prevents almost every death before age 70, and ⅔ of those before age 82. Compared to those receiving regular medical care, LOOKtoLIVE participants who start before age 50 average more than 6 additional prime years of life (women 6.1, men 7.9). Those starting at age 65 gain almost five years. Even an age 75 start yields an extra three prime years.

You CAN buy time

LOOKtoLIVE is the single most effective way to add prime years to your life. 6 years. No other approach even comes close. Follow a healthy lifestyle, optimize diet, exercise aggressively, sleep well, wear a seat belt … all of that adds about 1.8 years. Executive physicals, concierge medicine, stand-alone body scans are minimally effective. Supplements and stem cells are expensive and add no prime years.

If you are between 35 and 75, LOOKtoLIVE can be customized for you. The sooner you start, the more prime years you preserve. Lift as we climb on every rung. Join David Drew Longevity today and LOOKtoLIVE 6 years longer.